Graduate coursework at UT Austin FALL 2011-ongoing
G.P.A. = 3.92/4

Ongoing (Spring 2012)
Machine Learning
Advanced Networking Protocols
Conference Course with Prof. Raymond Mooney

Fall 2012 Learning Grounded Models of Meaning
Fall 2012 Visual Recognition
Fall 2012 Conference Course with Prof. Raymond Mooney
Spring 2011 Formal Semantics and Verification
Spring 2011 Engineering Economics
Spring 2011 Natural Language Processing
Fall 2011 Concepts of Information retrieval and web search
Fall 2011 Neural Networks
Fall 2011 Introduction to Cognitive Science

Relevant courses from undergraduate coursework at BITS Pilani 2006-2010 (Course descriptions) (Transcript)
C.G.P.A. = 9.27/10

AAOC C111 Probability & Statistics
AAOC C221 Graphs & Networks
AAOC C341 Numerical Analysis
AAOC C222 Optimization
AAOC C312 Operations Research
AAOC C321 Control Systems
MATH C191 Mathematics I
MATH C192 Mathematics II
MATH C241 Mathematics III
MATH C222 Discrete structures for Computer Science

CS C391 Digital Electronic Computer Organization
CS C342 Advanced Computer Organization
CS C461 Computer Networks
CS C362 Programming Languages and Compiler Construction
CS C352 Database Systems
CS C471 Computer Graphics
CS C341 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS C372 Operating Systems
CS C351 Theory of Computation

TA C162 Computer Programming I
TA C252 Computer Programming II
ES C263 Microprocessor Programming and Interfacing
BITS C386 Quantum Information and Computing